[002] #KaleoMovement Podcast 002 has been posted!

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We have posted our second podcast to YouTube and SoundCloud. In this episode we discuss word of mouth marketing, discuss whether it fits within your marketing strategy and interview some people on social media and on the street. Video Audio

YouTube Monday: How do you use video?

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So many organizations use video as a aid to telling their story. It takes you from just reading about something to engaging someone at a heart level. A video allows me to experience your story, not just intellectually know about something. A friend of mine ran in the Detroit Marathon this last weekend. For months he has been training for …

Facebook Thursday: Be Intentional

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Last week I had a conversation with a friend on Facebook. He was considering just giving up on it. I completely understand his anxiety. He talked about how the people that he was “friends” with didn’t really interact with his posts (which this thread actually got a lot of interaction). He also said family didn’t really post pictures, either. I …

Pic Of The Day Wednesday: Passwords

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Each Wednesday we are going to be picking the best pic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We are looking for the best interruptions that show how you use social media, say something about social media, or do whatever about social media. So how do you get us your picture? Great question! Here is the process of getting us your awesome …

YouTube Monday: Kaleo Media Edition

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Have you ever sat down and actually thought through how powerful social media is in today’s world? Check out this video and we’ll be back after the jump. Are you one that has been resisting drinking the social media “kool-aid?” Kaleo Media hopes this helps you think twice. Check back throughout the week for tips on how to use social …

Apple’s New iPhone5c and iPhone5s Go On Presale This Week

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Today, Apple announced TWO new iPhone’s come soon to stores; the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. They’ll go on pre-order at Apple’s store carriers in the US, US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the UK (carrier details to come) starting September 13th. A basic 16GB iPhone 5S model will run $199 on a two year contract, while the …