Pic Of The Day Wednesday: Passwords

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Each Wednesday we are going to be picking the best pic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We are looking for the best interruptions that show how you use social media, say something about social media, or do whatever about social media. So how do you get us your picture? Great question! Here is the process of getting us your awesome pic:

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  • Hashtag your picture with #kaleopotd AND #kaleomovement

THAT’S IT!! We will give you credit with the account ID you posted the pic from so that everyone else can follow you as well.

Now, recently Kaleo Media began using 1Password for assigning and saving all of our clients passwords. It has really made life so much easier for us but also has made our clients accounts so much more secure. So in honor of 1Password and the ease they have made our lives we give you today’s #kaleopotd!


Photo credit: @socialmediamingle

What’s been your experience with passwords?


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