Project: Bayside Festival

Location: Traverse City, MI

Project Started: July 2013

Project sites:

Description: In its second year, the Bayside Festival had gone from an event that drew just over a few hundred concert goers the previous year to around 15,000 in its 2 day event held over Labor Day Weekend 2013. In July 2013, the Bayside Festival had 6 weeks until opening day but their online presence was lacking. With only a Facebook Page that had 101 ‘Likes’, Kaleo Media was asked to partner with the festival. In the first 24 hours the Page grew from 101 to 300 ‘Likes.’ In the first week, the page grew to over 500 ‘Likes.’ By opening day of the festival, Labor Day Weekend, the page hit 1000 Page ‘Likes’ from all over Michigan.

Kaleo Media added Twitter and Instagram during this time. Twitter was used to connect with concert goers by helping them find hotels, parking, and giving them up-to-the-minute updates during the concerts. Instagram become our medium for telling the story of the festival for the weekend through pictures.

Kaleo Media also managed their website, creating ways for concert goers to connect with the festival and giving concert goers next step opportunities post-festival.


Project: Bay Pointe Community Church

Location: Traverse City, MI

Project Started: November 2011

Project Sites:

Description: In November of 2011, Bay Pointe Community Church had a Facebook Page and Twitter account, neither of which were really being used except to promote a series or special event once a month. Engagement on the page had fallen to about 50 page views over a month with just over 900 likes on the Page. Their Twitter account was in existence but had just a few followers and wasn’t being used at all.

When Kaleo Media began working with Bay Pointe, the page jumped in engagement to 200 views a week in the first month and is currently experiencing an average of 5000 views a week. In addition to the main Facebook Page, many of the churches ministries have added Pages so that the message of “Loving God, Growing Believers, and Reaching those who don’t know Jesus” has expanded online.

Twitter is used to network with area businesses and to live tweet Sunday services to fulfill their mission to Reach their community.

Each week Sunday services are uploaded via Vimeo and then posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Every post for Bay Pointe is intended to do two things: promote upcoming events and create conversation around what is being taught in the life of the church. The story the church is writing is woven in every post and through every account.


Project: Elevate Student Ministries | West Side Community Church

Location: Traverse City, MI

Project Started: November 2013

Project Sites:

Description: The student ministries at West Side Community Church in Traverse City, MI went through a “rebranding” during the summer of 2013. A new logo. A new name. New staff members. A new feel. However they needed to be able to communicate those changes and increase excitement for the upcoming year. Elevate Student Ministries called Kaleo Media to help them communicate that story. A Bible and Gospel centered story that reinforces a student’s worth and that builds trust and relationships.

Kaleo Media currently oversees their Facebook Page which includes writing a weekday devotional that is posted for encouragement as students head to school. Twitter is being used to network with area and national ministries, bands, and Christian leaders. Instagram, their most popular account, draws over 150 followers from the community.

Kaleo Media also manages and updates their website which is geared toward informing parents and church attendees of upcoming events.


Project: Lucas & Teresa Bair

Location: Porte Alegre, Brazil

Project Started: January 2014

Project Sites: 


Description: Upon returning from Brazil on their first furlow, Lucas and Teresa found themselves look toward having to raise support that they lost while on their first 4 years in ministry. Additionally, with their first year of ministry being spent in language school and then the next 3 years being very busy, they found they didn’t have the time they wished to keep their individual and church supporters up-to-date as often as they liked.

Kaleo Media was asked to help with the communication plan of their ministry. Through Facebook posts to monthly prayer letters, Lucas and Teresa are looking at a well organized plan to keep their supporters up-to-date with what is happening in the life of their ministry. Additionally, upon returning to Brazil, Kaleo Media will begin keeping their funding a priority so that when they return on their next furlow, they aren’t spending additional weeks and additional miles traveling to have to raise support. Support raising will already be happening that so that furlow can be a time connecting with existing supports and recharging for the next 4 years of ministry.


Project: Ken Rudolph Ministries

Location: North Carolina & Europe

Project Started: August 2013

Project Sites:

Description: After years as a pastor, college recruiter, and youth speaker Ken and his wife Jinner found themselves being called by God into a new adventure; missionary to Europe. In order to start streamlining information to their financial and prayer supporters, Ken asked Kaleo Media to help them organize their Facebook contacts. Their personal profile had reached the “friend limit” that Facebook allows and we needed to start a Page. Seeing that many of the students that Ken has built a relationship with over the years were on Twitter, Kaleo Media opened a Twitter account to continue to connect with them.

Eventually these accounts will be used to start raising funds for a training center in Kusel, Germany aimed at training national pastors to plant churches through out all of Germany.