YouTube Monday: How do you use video?

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So many organizations use video as a aid to telling their story. It takes you from just reading about something to engaging someone at a heart level. A video allows me to experience your story, not just intellectually know about something.

A friend of mine ran in the Detroit Marathon this last weekend. For months he has been training for this day. Why? Most would think because he likes to beat up his body and run long distances. While that may be true, its because of this:

See, its videos like that which help raise funds for clean water wells in Kenya. Its videos like that which helped a team from Kensington Community Church join Hope Water Project to provide not just 1 well but 50 wells for the Pokot people in Kenya. Their goal: $1,000,000 for all 50 wells. How much have they raised? As of today, $914,787.60.

This one video has been seen over 4,000 times since it was released 9 months ago. Now while this doesn’t seem like a lot, that is over 4,000 opportunities to share their story for the Pokot people.
– 4,000 opportunities to help them raise $1,000,000
– 4,000 opportunities to bring hope to people who are dying
– 4,000 opportunities to challenge someone to think bigger than themselves.


I asked TJ Manzer, who subcontracts as a videographer with Kaleo Media, why videos are important. He said:

A video provides you with an avenue to better express yourself… If you look deeper into the ways we communicate with each other the words we say are only a minute part of our communication process. Text can not account for tone and inflection, nor can they see the body language that we express while.

This video provoked in the heart of a man living in Traverse City, Michigan to do something that was harder and bigger than anything he probably has done before. Why? It wasn’t because he felt guilty, but because he felt compelled to ACT. He heard and felt the need to act.

So let me ask you, do you feel compelled to act? What’s the first step you may need to take to rethinking how you tell your personal or organizational story with a video?

Not sure? How about starting with giving a few dollars to my friend Jay [click here to give]. He still has a little ways to go with his goal of $1000. Maybe your giving will help spark the video idea that can take your story to a whole new level.


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