Online Communications Consulting

Need help telling your business, church, ministry, or non-profit’s story through an effective online strategy? We can get you up and running quickly and efficiently with an effective online presence as we analyze your website, email marketing, and social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, and more.

We’ll set you up with the strategy and tools you need to manage your online presence each day in the most effective way to influence and tell your story.

How our consulting works:


We will look at your existing profiles, website, and email statistics to analyze your engagement, posting rhythm, content effectiveness, and funneling of information. We will give you honest feedback (who wants to beat around the bush when we are talking about your story?) and suggestions at how to increase effectiveness. We like asking the question “Why?” so be prepared to know why you do what you do.

Team Meeting

Should you need help with creating a plan so you can tell your story better, we will sit down with you and your team after the Evaluation for a meeting to walk you through how to create the plan to tell your story. Just like many of us, we may not have a grasp at the tiny details of our story. That’s ok! We’ll help you craft that story into a masterpiece.

Some of the things we’ll discuss:
– Start with Why? Knowing the ending at the beginning.
– Who are you?
– Who are you telling your story to?
– Building the framework of your story

Online Communications Management

So you have this plan to tell your story. Now what? Sometimes stories are hard to tell by yourself. You know that your story needs told but you just don’t know how to or you don’t have time. That is totally fine! We can manage your online presence to provide you every opportunity to tell your story.


Content is King in the world of Social Media. Kaleo Media focuses on creating content that matches your brand and draws people into your world.


Social Media is just that: SOCIAL. When cultivating personal relationships, conversation is key. Same with social media. Kaleo Media connects you to your audience.


You don’t take a trip without a map.  The same goes for social media. You have to know where you’re going. Kaleo Media specials in communication plans.

Our Plans

Are you a missionary on a limited budget? Contact us for special pricing!