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I’ve met so many people that have told me things like,”I’m not on Twitter because no one wants listen to me.” Now if you mean no one wants to hear about what you ate for lunch (with Instagram pic) or those sweet music lyrics you just heard on the radio, you may be right. Or you may be wrong.

There are hundreds of thousands people out there that think just like you. If you’re thinking that no one wants to hear the things you have to say, I guarantee you that there are people are just looking for a person who understands them. And YOU are that person.

I am a person who has very specific and narrow personality. I understand this about myself and understand that probably 99% of the world thinks nothing like me. I’m in the minority. I’m one of those people who wonder, “Is there someone that just gets ME?”

I’m a detail person. I think rationally/logically about everything. I don’t get over emotional on many things (three to be exact; Jesus, The Iowa Hawkeyes, and stupidity). I view authority as something to be earned not be given. I can’t say “I love you” to many people. I have an idea on doing about everything more efficiently. I can really be short with you (intentionally and not intentionally). I have about 1% room in my life for drama.

So take all of that to Twitter. Imagine the type of things that I could tweet about. There are probably few things that I haven’t tweeted about, but I have over 1900 followers. I’m talking about things people want to hear about. If they didn’t, they’d leave and I’d be ok with that.

But here’s my point. The reason that people say ”I’m not on Twitter because no one wants listen to me” is because of three things:

  • Fear- You’re afraid to learn something new. It’s ok. Admit it. You don’t understand it. You don’t know what to say. You don’t have time to connect with these people.
  • Time- Connecting with people takes time. Social media is a relationship. You don’t cultivate relationships when you talk with people once a month. Social media is like a plant; you have to water it to grow.
  • Insecurity- I think this is the biggest issue as to why people don’t tweet. There are always someone who knows more than you, has more followers than you, is funnier than you, gets more replies and retweets than you do. SO WHAT? You have a voice and people want to hear it. Where the insecurity comes in is, “I don’t know what my voice is.” And that probably is rooted more into really just not knowing yourself well enough. Trust me. I know what this feels like. But when you figure out what it is that you enjoy talking about, people who enjoy that same thing will what to talk about it with you.

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