Kaleo Media Takes On Slavery

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Kaleo in greek means “to call out”. Kaleo Media was started for two purposes.

  1. to call out the people of God to build the kingdom of God, one social connection at a time.
  2. to advocate for those who have no advocate.

Part of what Kaleo is advocating for is slavery. Slavery still exists today. There are 27 million slaves in the world today; more than at any other time in our world’s history. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that at any one time there are some 2.5 million people who have been trafficked and are being subjected to sexual or labour exploitation.

Just imagine that. 2.5 million. That is the 10 times the size of  Grand Traverse County and ALL of the surrounding counties. Michigan alone is one of the highest risk states for sex trafficking/slavery in the United States.

Over the life of Kaleo Media, we will begin shining a light on slavery around the world, beginning with Michigan. Will you join us? We are using the hashtag #kaleomovement to begin shining a light on slavery. We may not have the money to fight against those “slave owners” but we have people. Passionate people that can shine a light just by tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, youtubeing. Shining a light is what is needed.

One organization that we support is EndItMovement.com. See this video below released this year at Passion 2013.



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